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HDRI-Studio sampler six-pack bundles

HDRI-Studio Sampler bundles have been specially selected from our range of HDRI environment maps to provide a good cross-section of lighting effects for you to start experimenting with and are offered at the very special price of only $72 for a set of six – that's almost half price. Sampler sets are available in a Single User License only.
Remember that every single file is capable of producing many different lighting effects, so any of the three sets will give a vast range of possibilities. Depending on the type of work you do, you can choose a set with more neutral files, more colored gels or an equal mix of neutrals, gels and abstracts. As there is no duplication in the sets, you can buy more than one and benefit from the extra potential – and discounts.
The Sampler files are 750 x 375 pixel resolution for fastest rendering and are ideal for exploring the lighting options and producing final images. Should you later want higher resolution versions of any of the files, you can purchase resolution upgrades.
Sampler1 – 2 Neutrals, 3 Gels, 1 Abstract.

Left to right: X004, N001, N014, C001, C005, C009

Here, the emphasis is on colored gels. Colored lighting works best on subjects that are fairly neutral by nature but can also add extra dazzle when you want it. Click on the thumbnails for previews.

Regular value $125, special bundle price $72      Order:

Sampler2 – 3 Neutrals, 2 Gels, 1 Abstract.

Left to right: X001, C004, C002, N012, N020, N011

Neutral lighting is ideal for subjects that already have a lot of color
or if you want a more subtle, monochromatic look. Click on the thumbnails for previews.

Regular value $130, special bundle price $72      Order:

Sampler3 – 2 Neutrals, 2 Gels, 2 Abstracts.

Left to right: X002, X006, N010, N017, C003, C007

An equal mix of neutrals, gels and abstracts when you just want
a set of general purpose, studio lighting resources. Click on the thumbnails for previews.

Regular value $120, special bundle price $72      Order:



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Resolution Upgrades
Generally speaking, subjects with highly reflective surfaces require higher resolution versions of environment maps or the reflections will suffer from pixelation. If the subject is matte, or if the surface blurs the reflection then a lower resolution file will suffice. If you find that you need more resolution than your Sampler files provide, you can purchase a 'resolution upgrade' to a higher resolution of the same file and get full credit for your earlier purchase. For each of the six Sampler files, the credit is one sixth of the bundle price – $12.

Note that you can't upgrade to a different product, only to one that you have in the Sampler bundle you purchased.


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