HDRI-Studio Pro Bundles

HDRI-Studio Pro Bundles are aimed at 3D graphic professionals who need a comprehensive collection of top quality lighting environments for their computer graphics models - at extremely competitive prices.

Having the full resolution environment files at hand gives the freedom to explore the vast number of possibilities of different lighting scenarios to provide the most stunningly realistic results.

The Pro Bundles represent an exceptional value, offering massive savings over purchasing them individually. Why buy just three or four files when you can have them all for the same price!

All files are at the maximum 6000 x 3000 pixel resolution and are grouped by types - Neutrals, Gels and Abstracts or you can buy the entire Studio collection at an amazing 66% discount!

SME site license

For use on up to ten computers at any one site

Links to Single User and Corporate (10+ users) site licence order pages.

Choose the bundle you want using the checkboxes. If you have read and agree to the terms of the license, click on the Yes button at the bottom of the page to proceed. Your order will be placed through the secure server at Kagi.com and they will send you the necessary download details.

Neutral ProBundles
Order Neutral Pro Bundle for $1199
The full set of 20, full resolution neutral files
Individual total value of $3000 for only $1199
Gel ProBundle
Order Gel Pro Bundle for $749
Full set of 10 gel files at 6000 x 3000 pixel resolution
Regular total value, $1900. Special bundle price, $749
Abstract ProBundle
Order Abstract Pro Bundle for $399
8 highly versatile full resolution files
Normal total price, $1040 all for only $399
Studio ProBundle
Order Studio Pro Bundle for $1899
All 38 neutral, gel and abstract files at full resolution
Total value $5940, for the very special bundle price of only $1899

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